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Yuletide: 9 recs in 8 fandoms

the ultimate test of cerebral fitness [Chess (board game)] One of the things I love about anthropomorphic stories (and SF in general) is what they have to say about humanity. This story is simultaneously hilarious and full of heartfelt depth.

A Song for Ruatha [Dragonriders of Pern] I try to rec something from the Pern fandom every year, and this one's my favourite. Really nice study of Menolly growing into her skills as a Harper, and the everyday lives of Holders.

it's all the rage on the mainland [Father Ted] I laughed so much reading this that I ended up having to explain fanfiction to my in-laws so they'd understand why I was practically wetting myself.  This story is like a perfect episode in miniature.

Upside Down [Inside Out (2015)] What can I say? This is my post-film head-canon. Beautiful.

and all ye need to know [The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle] There's a lot of amazing fic for this fandom this year. This one really resonated for me.

The Case of the Missing Mathematician [Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage] This was one of the fandoms I requested this year, and I'm quite jealous of the recipient to be honest. This fic has footnotes, cracky science, alternate realities, character and an infectious sense of delight. Plus, I love all the research that clearly went into it.

The Story Of The Doe Who Hid Her Kittens [Watership Down] This was one of two treats written for me, and it's an absolute stunner. The lives of the Efrafran rabbits are really well captured in this story, in all their strengths and weaknesses, with a lovely added layer of lapine spirituality/magic.

Dreams of Silver [Watership Down] This was my main gift, and I loved it - it's got a core of dark claustrophobia and mystery, and it's a story I know I'll come back and re-read again and find something new in each time.

A Letter to the Wind [We need to talk about Annika - Simon Stålenhag] My second treat, and already recced elsewhere. This one is madness-length, and proof that you don't need to write an epic to produce one of the best stories in the collection. This is my pic of Yuletide 2015 - and I can't believe it was written for me!
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