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Pern Crossovers on

There are 12 Pern crossovers on that are in English, Complete, >1000 words and not mirrored on AO3

2 Crossovers:
Fairies of Pern - Fyrius - 9th Pass characters, Fairy Tail
Lost Colony by hColleen - Star Trek, 9th Pass canon

5 Worldbuilding Crossovers:
Truth of Pern - bricann - Naruto
Two Worlds, One Dragonrider by Nocte Furorem - How to train your dragon
Dragon Hearted by konigen - Star Trek 2009
Dragonrider of Zero by The Dimension Crossing Mew - Familiar of Zero
Dragon's Prey by Chris Kenworthy - Roswell

5 Fusions:
28 Years Later by Masamune's Song - 28 days later
On the Wings of Dragons by Bobmin356 - Harry Potter
The Queen who fell to Earth by Bobmin356 - Harry Potter
The next great adventure by Supersaiyangirl - Supernatural
Dragonriders of Konoha by Wingwyrm - Naruto
Tags: fanfic
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