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The Crossovers of Pern

This entry lists all the yuletide-relevant crossover stories written for the Pern fandom on AO3, i.e. complete, English language, over 1000 words.

There are 86 of them in total - at the time of writing, that's equal to the number of canon-character fics meeting the same criteria - but in this post I've broken them up into four categories: Other-fandom AUs, Full Crossovers, Pern AUs and Pern Fusions.

Other-fandom AUs.
You know all those megafandom crossovers where Sherlock is a dragonrider, Loki is interfering with Hold politics, and all of Bandom is having wild, dragon-induced sex? This category is for the opposite of that. This is for the fics where Robinton is an air-bending member of the Order of the White Lotus, where Mirrim works for NCIS, where Lessa and F'lar are conniving in the West Wing.

The sum total of these fics can be found beneath the cut

Oh, I am sorry. There aren't any.
Wahey! Now we have THREE!
3: Bring A New Song To Begin Anew merfilly & ilyena_sylph 2k Harry Potter
2: Finding the Measure merfilly & ilyena_sylph 1k Harry Potter
1: Pensieve's Impressions merfilly & ilyena_sylph 6k Harry Potter

Moving swiftly on: Full Crossovers
These crossovers feature characters from multiple canons, including DRoP. Fairly self-explanatory, really. I've listed the Pass or characters involved, as well as the crossover fandom.

22: A shared glass and memories told Merfilly 1k Harry Potter Ninth Pass
21: Another Chance: Business (as usual?) ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 5K DCU Comics First Pass
20: Dragonriders of Pern Meme Responses Merfilly 1k Multiple Crossovers Ninth Pass
19: Building A Hold ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 4k DCU Comics First Pass
18: Fever Year ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 6k DCU Comics First Pass
17: Weyr Tragedy ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 5k DCU Comics First Pass
16: Birth of the Ships ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 5k DCU Comics First Pass
15: Queens and Greens ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 2k DCU Comics First Pass
14: Another Chance: Southern Conclave ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 8k DCU Comics First Pass
13: The First Weyrlingmaster ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 4k DCU Comics First Pass
12: Another Chance: Branching ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 2k DCU-Comicverse First Pass
11: Another Chance: Settling In ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 19k DCU Comics First Pass
10: Another Chance: Triumph ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 20k DCU Comics First Pass
9: Another Chance: Growth ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 26k DCU Comics First Pass
8: Another Chance: Adaptation ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 14k DCU Comics First Pass
7: Another Chance: Thread ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 14k DCU Comics First Pass
6: Another Chance: Interlude ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 8k DCU Comics First Pass
5: Another Chance: Waking ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 14k DCU Comics First Pass
4: Another Chance: The Beginning ilyena_sylph, Merfilly 4k DCU Comics First Pass
3: A Series of Conversations Merfilly 1k Multiple Crossovers Lessa
2: completely unplanned Feather (lalaietha) 7k The Losers 9th Pass
1: The Doors Into Otherwheres: Five Women Segnbora Didn’t Sleep With (And Three She Did) Edonohana 7k Multiple Crossovers Kylara

Next: Pern AU crossovers, which I also think of as setting or worldbuilding crossovers. You can look at these as OC fics featuring characters from other canons appearing or being born into Pern instead of their usual fandoms. The authors generally make an attempt to conform to Pernese canon worldbuilding, adapting the names and characterisation of the other-fandom characters to fit the alternative world and lives they have in these stories. These stories feature NO Pern-canon characters in person, though they are occasionally referenced in the text. Canon locations are often, but not always, used.

51: Duty Song pensword 10k Marvel
50: Skipping Across Time And Space Blackhunter666 22k Stargate Atlantis
49: Honor Those The Dragons Heed wargoddess 4k Dragon Age & Mass Effect
48: On Wing Myriddin 2k A Song of Ice and Fire
47: Dragonman, dragonman, between thee and thine wargoddess 16k Dragon Age and Mass Effect
46: Dragonriders fly when reapers fill the sky wargoddess 10k Dragon Age and Mass Effect
45: Dragon Eggs AvocadoLove 2k Avengers
44: Prospers Thus the Dragonweyr rainproof 17k Teen Wolf
43: The Weyrwolves of Pern rainproof 16k Teen Wolf
42: Brownrider Owlship 4k Mad Max movies
41: Dragon Spell brimstonegold & virtualpersonal 134k Supernatural
40: Soaring Skyward nayanroo 23k Avengers/Thor
39: The One Where the GSIB Crew are Dragonriders elfwreck 1k Ghost Soup Infidel Blue** (**Fictional Canon)
38: Fire on the Mountain Lleu 25k Young Wizards
37: Hello, Old Friend Dragonmaster 7k One Piece
36: Gravid Green kita_the_spaz 1k Naruto
35: Advantage Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko) 5k Dark City
34: A Harmony of Dragons Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko) 34k Multiple Crossovers
33: A Proper Dragonrider Zoi no miko (zoi_no_miko) Mirrors 16k (2008)
32: Born as Hatched minusoneday 4k Teen Wolf
31: Rumors and Ruminations Kita_the_Spaz 2k Naruto
30: Bronze and Green Kita_the_Spaz 3k Naruto
29: Dragon's Peril uofmdragon 72k Avengers Movies
28: Tell Me of the Road minusoneday 3k Teen Wolf
27: Spreading Wings chalcopyrite 27k Popslash
26: Counting Dragons tsukinofaerii 21k Kingdom Hearts
25: Dragon Green, Harper Blue averzierlia 2k Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
24: Agenothree holdouttrout 5k Stargate SG-1
23: First Flight holdouttrout 2k Stargate SG1
22: Winging It harrycrewe 15k Hawaii Five-0
21: Brown and Gold Koren M (CyberMathWitch) 4k Avengers Movies
20: Big Brother Is Here Abby_Ebon 7k Supernatural
19: On The Wing Thistlerose 2k Star Trek (2009)
18: Turns Upon a Dragon's Wing Sorka42 41k The Sentinel
17: The Visitor prairiecrow 2k DS9
16: Who Wills Azar 6k NCIS
15: Amorth prairiecrow 1k DS9
14: Silvena prairiecrow 2k DS9
13: Alone prairiecrow 1k DS9
12: A Flight of Green and Blue alassenya 82k LOTR RPF
11: To Speed Where There is Space Enough Lokei 6k Stargate SG-1
10: Social Activism in the Weyr brainofck 2k Stargate SG-1
9: Acceptance Macx 21k Stargate Atlantis
8: Queens High melannen 11k Dresden Files
7: Healer Green, Dragon Blue averzierlia 2k Star Trek (2009)
6: Dragonlord Icarus 87k Stargate Atlantis
5: Seven Dragons JudyL 11k Magnificent Seven (tv)
4: Dragon Choices tsukinofaerii 15k Marvel
3: Saving Jade Azar 4k Doctor Who
2: Wicked S_EER (Fritiriel) 2k LOTR RPF
1: The Golden Queen S_EER (Fritiriel) 77k LOTR RPF

Finally, DRoP Fusions This is the point at which mileage will vary. I'm coming at this from the perspective of a Pern fan, who is primarily interested in only one half of the crossover, so do bear that in mind. Other Pern fans - and, indeed, some of the authors of the fics below the cut - may disagree with my classification, such as it is, and might prefer to place some of these stories in the group above. If you do: well, knock yourself out. The grouping is personal opinion and for guidance only.

Caveats aside, what makes a fusion in this reader's humble opinion?

* Selective use of elements of DRoP worldbuilding (Threadfall on Earth! Social Structure Pick-and-mix!)
* Unnecessary non-canon elements (e.g. dragon names don't end in -th/riders' names not elided, non-standard dragon colours/impressions that don't do anything to drive the plot, modern-fandom slang, stuff like that)
* Characters act anachronistically/inconsistently given the setting and their implied backstory
* The story's plot is nothing more than an application of standard Pernese tropes/events (Search, Impression, Mating Flights) to the characters of another canon (basically, the equivalent of a Daemon AU...).

In some cases, fusions are obvious, or the author states out-right that they're writing a fusion rather than a crossover. In others, it's not. A well-written dragons-as-sex-pollen fic with great characterisation and attention to detail feels more like a Pern-AU crossover to me than a fusion. But there's a sliding scale, plenty of grey areas, and lots of room for personal opinion. This is my index, nothing more.

37: Dragon's Promise 1lostone 6k Star Trek RPF
36: To Ride a Dragon knitekat 2k Primeval
35: Cracks tastewithouttalent 3k Fairy Tail
34: in which Chriss Larabee drinks coffee boogieshoes 1k The Magnificent Seven
33: WAKE ME UP INSIDE anonymous 3k Gundam Wing
32: Making History QueenAkadeannaHawk 21k Multiple Crossovers
31: Impressing A Gold And A Reunion QueenAkadeannaHawk 5k Multiple Crossovers
30: >Feferi: select a suitable mate from among your suitors OtherCat 1k Homestuck
29: Jade > befriend the snooty gray kid OtherCat 1k Homestuck
28: The Lord Holder's Son darkangel0410 1k Fallout Boy/Bandom
27: Spires of Weyr BananaRaptor 2k Multiple Crossovers
26: Harry Potter and The Nearly Deathly Dissapointing Hatching ghosteye99 1k Harry Potter
25: Taking Flight annejumps 8k Inception
24: Searched Jestana 2k - Talented Mr Ripley
23: Mating Flight Jestana 2k Talented Mr Ripley
22: Wings, Lift Hope and Sing antistar_e (kaikamahine) 11k Percy Jackson
21: Queen's Rising elaine 3k The Sentinel
20: First Impression elaine 5k The Sentinel
19: Contagion elaine 6k The Sentinel
18: Flight elaine 1k The Sentinel
17: Threadfall elaine 5k The Sentinel
16: Harper's Choice elaine 2k The Sentinel
15: Here Be Dragons elaine 3k The Sentinel
14: Hierarchy Tel 1k Vorkosigan
13: Hold the Line Lizardbeth 3k Babylon 5
12: Destinies Intertwined heeroluva 2k Dragon Age
11: Queensright and Greenreach Tel 1k Vorkosigan
10: Fire Lizard Flight Tonko 4k One Piece
9: Old And New Gifts Tonko 10k One Piece
8: Fall, Catch Tonko 6k One Piece
7: Mating Flight Tonko 6k One Piece
6: Hatching Hitch Tonko 3k One Piece
5: Pausing to Wonder Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) 1k CSI
4: Needlessly Complicated dragonspell 10k Supernatural RPF
3: Mating Flight dragonspell 6k Supernatural RPF
2: With Healing in His Wings Xparrot 7k Stargate Atlantis
1: On the Wings of Imagination Xparrot 4k Stargate Atlantis
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